intric8 aka Eric K. Hill aka AmigaLove, a Seattle based designer, illustrator, father, pixel pusher (current and retro) and fully restored VW Westy camper dude. He has been the lead designer for Sporcle, the most popular trivia site on the planet, since 2011. He leads all creative projects across every product team companywide.

You may refer to this ancient pre-2011 site, or this really old Flash site made with Adobe Flash (gasp!) way back in 1999. It will break on a lot of modern devices and environments. But it can be fun to browse a little bit... on a Flash-enabled computer - not a mobile device or tablet (double gasp!). Hey, that's what life was like back in the 90s. :)

In the really off-chance you happen to be into retro-gaming or vintage computing, you might be interested in his community site for Amiga and Commodore computers, The site is fully responsive and device agnostic - even for old internet-connected Amigas (if you use a proxy server to get around the encryption)!

AmigaLove is a retro-computing hobby that Eric focuses on during his off-hours for fun. It has become not just a site but a brand. And that has grown into a mentality shared by a small but passionate group of retro fans.

Eric is also the founder of the Seattle Commodore Computer Club, aka If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in weird retro tech, check out the site for more details. We meet once a month.